APOGEE(BITS Pilani Tech Fest)

Event Details:

The Annual Technical fest of BITS Pilani. A melange of technology, innovation and inspiration across space and time of humankind, this technical conference will, as always, play host to the brightest minds and thinkers in the country and world. From presenting papers and projects at the oldest-of-its-kind events in the country, developing amazing solutions to real-life cases and problems.

Event date-March 28-31, 2019

Events List :-

1.Armageddon(  (Gaming extravaganza . Featured games - CSGO, COD 4,Fifa 18/19, Blur))

2.ICL (International coding leaue)

Talk is Cheap. Show me the code- Linus Torvalds Do you think you have mastered Competitive coding.

3.RAW(In this event participants have to design a remote controlled robot to combat with the opponents)

4. Robo Soccer

5. SMS(Stock market simulation)

6.Machine Learning Hackathon

7.Junkyard Wars

8.Reverse Engineering(In this event, we provide used motorcycle or scooter engines to the teams.)

9.Apogee Innovation challenge(The event aims to connect industry to college students.)

10.Q.E.D(Parliamentary Debate)

11.Business Plan Competition(Teams pitch their Business plans of start-ups in the event in front of a panel of judges).

Workshops :-

Internet of Things, Deep Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality

College link:-https://www.bits-pilani.ac.in/

TechFest Link:-https://bits-apogee.org/


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