SANDHAAN 19 ( BIT Sindri - Dhanbad, Jharkhand)

Event Date:-10-12th April 2019

The techno-management fest “SANDHAAN” is a fine juxtapose of mind boggling technical events with extravagant festive mood. The pulse of BIT beats harder as it approaches near. SANDHAAN, the annual techno management festival of BIT Sindri. Ever since its inception SANDHAAN has endeavoured to live and promote innovation and technical prowess. Over last ten years.Model club of BIT Sindri being the protagonist of the play, has augmented year by year in delivering the much anticipated techno-management fest of the region. SANDHAAN witness a crowd of approximately 5000 people which includes students from various technical colleges of national and regional level. It also gives exposure to school students.

Events List:-

1. Kurukshetra
2. Dead or alive(doa)
3. Carrom Bot
4. autonomous Robotics
1. Mid-night Coding
2. autocad
3. Matlab
4. Techie of the Year
5. Modex
1.the Ceo
2. Technology 2 Business
4. Technical Paper Presentation.
5. Mr/miss Engineer.
onspot Events
1. Bike assembling
2. Scooty assembling
3. Hydroflight
4. Shoot at Sight
and the Most Eye Catching Segments
1. Guest Lecture
2. Mega Show

Paper Presentation Topics:

All Technical and Management Related topic

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